Let’s Go Shopping: Jewelry Good Enough to Eat

Gettin' all tarted up. Via Fab.com


Do you shop those flash sales from Gilt.com, Groupon and the like? I’m more of a casual “flasher” if you will, meaning I usually browse whatever is out there on sale but only buy occasionally. Most times, I come across things that I either a) would absolutely buy if I had cash to burn, which, let’s face it, is mostly everything or b) would probably never buy but think is cool/funny/innovative anyway.

Today, I checked out Fab.com’s daily sale and saw a few cool items from Amy Jewelry, a San Francisco-based indie jewelry maker who repurposes everything from dollhouse accessories to spices. The fruit tart necklace above is just one example of Amy’s quirky designs.

A couple of other fun things that caught my eye:

Shi-shi sushi necklace (via Fab.com)

With this ring, I thee eat (via Fab.com)

Test tube earrings filled with salt and peppercorns. Talk about spicing up your jewelry wardrobe! (via Fab.com)


So yeah. When I say this jewelry is good enough to eat, I wasn’t joking in some cases. The test tube S&P earrings would certainly be functional if you want to surreptitiously season food served at a dinner party, or if you’re up Bland Creek without a paddle while eating lunch at work. The others, however, are just plain fun.

What do you think? Would you ever wear food-inspired jewelry?



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