For My Lady Readers: Hollywood Beefcakes

Meat market madness (via

I don’t (usually) make it a point to openly ogle male celebrities, but I saw something funny on that definitely needed a mention. Being a fan of meat cut charts in general, I just had to click on it. As you can see, this very informative article, complete with an interactive meat chart, rates certain hot male celebrities as if they were cuts of beef. Degrading to men? Maybe. Entertaining? Supremely so. I admit that I’m a little out of the loop, as I’m not quite sure who Chris Hemsworth is or why he’s famous, but I was mostly amused by the writers’ use of meat cuts and grades as metaphors for hunky Hollywood actors. Very clever, if not sexist.

I like my men like I like my steaks: Rare and well-seasoned. Needless to say, my husband would be a hanger steak, which is my favorite cut because, in my humble opinion, it’s the best-tasting of the bunch. Aww.

The word “beefcake,” however, brings to mind another kind of dude who’s just as entertaining to watch. Although he’d be graded “unfit for consumption:”


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