V-Day Sweet Treats

Break me off a piece of that...

Roses may die and diamonds may be forever–but a box full of exotic Kit Kats  is a Valentine’s Day gift that just keeps on giving. My good friend and fellow blogger Ilene just returned from an epic trip to Taiwan and Japan, and had blogged about the crazy Kit Kat flavors you’ll find there, including green tea, purple sweet potato, red bean, wasabi and even soy sauce. (Incidentally, soy sauce is the most popular flavor in Japan. I guess there’s a reason why the word “umami” is Japanese, right?)

She went on a massive hunt throughout Tokyo to find the Holy Grail of Kit Kat stores, and finally found it in the Tokyo Central metro station, of all places. Apparently there are more than 200 flavors out there, mostly found in Japan. Check out her adventures here.

She must have known that I was drooling over my laptop, because she sent me a cute box chock full of treats for Valentine’s Day. (Thanks, Ilene!)

The flavors, counter clockwise from the lower left: strawberry, blueberry cheesecake, almond tofu, red bean sandwich, green tea, orange, strawberry cheesecake and cantaloupe. Yum!

I can’t tell you exactly how they all taste just yet, mainly because I enjoy just looking at them. Plus, the sooner I start chowing down, the sooner they will all go away 😦 Such is the dilemma of the average food lover, I suppose.

And I’d imagine it’s the same dilemma that most Kit Kat collectors have as well–apparently, there are some people who make it a hobby to collect these things. There’s even an entire blog dedicated to the exotic Kit Kat. Now that’s a hobby I can get behind. If only Nestle would start distributing these crazy flavors here in the States. Come on, Japan, share the wealth, will ya?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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2 responses to “V-Day Sweet Treats

  1. ilene

    happy valentine’s day to u too! hhahaha, i haven’t tried any of the kitkats i have, either!! i want to savor them!!!

  2. Coleen

    Who knew? A Kit Kat by any other name would taste as sweet, I guess, but you’ll get to be the judge. Love the packaging. xxoo

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