Mushroom Watch 2012: The Fungus Among Us

After a few days of misting with spring water and waiting for something big to happen, I’m happy to report that I have a couple of mushies growing and thriving on top of my little patch. It’s crazy how fast these things grow after they’ve incubated for a few days.

To rehash, here is the patch last Thursday, January 5th (with a little help from Instagram):

And here they are on Monday, January 9. They were still nubbins, with their caps about an inch and a half in diameter:

Itty bitty mushies

Four days later,  they went totally cray-cray:


And their caps were almost as  big as my palm:

Giant monster hand!!

Amazingly, they have a little more growth to go before they’re really ready to eat. I’m going to see how huge they can really get before harvesting these puppies and eating them up. The experiment continues…

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