In the News: Dark Side of the Bun

Quick's scary new burger

Would you eat this burger? Quick, a Belgian fast food chain, is hoping that Europeans will. Starting January 31, this terrifying (or cool, depending on what you’re into) “Darth Vader” sandwich will be on the menu, along with “Jedi” and “Darth Maul” burgers, to commemorate Star Wars: Episode 1 in 3D:

May le force be with you

There’s not much to say about this, except the obvious: How the heck did they manage to make the bun so black? (Beet dye, apparently.) Does it taste weird? Do your teeth turn black when you chew it? Also, didn’t Star Wars Episode 1 come out like, light years ago?

And why do the Belgians/French call Darth Vader “Dark Vador”?

I suppose John Travolta has some insight into most of the questions above. (What a crazy world we live in when sane people turn to John Travolta for answers to anything.) Have a good weekend, everyone!

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