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On location: Juan of a kind experience

There’s nothing like lying out in the Puerto Rican sun, poolside, sipping on a beer and reading a good book—and, at the same time, technically working.

Today, I arrived in San Juan with my fashion director, Ms. Tartare, with four suitcases chock full of designer clothes, in preparation for shooting two stories for our magazine over the next few days. Since the rest of our crew isn’t coming in til tomorrow morning, we’re taking things easy—after all, there is a LOT that goes into shooting those fabulous fashion features that you see in glossy magazines. You work hard and play hard—those are the rules of the high-fashion game.

Even though I’ve been working as a fashion editor since 2006, it’s been mostly behind-the-scenes kind of stuff: talking to PR people to pull samples, coordinating messengers to pickups and returns, tracking everything so nothing gets lost or left out, finding prices and retailers to credit each piece of clothing and accessories, coming up with headlines, etc.

And there will be plenty of that in the next few days as we shoot a feature for our big March 2011 issue, as well as a beachwear story for our May 2011 issue. But for now, it’s all about relaxing, eating good food as best I can, and taking in some culture before the real work begins. Tonight, we walked around the charming, colonial-style downtown area (complete with cobblestone streets, Spanish-style architecture, quaint little storefronts and apartments painted in all kinds of bright shades, as well as wrought-iron balconies and the occasional run-down building covered in graffiti), which was having some kind of Christmas street celebration. We later hit a cute little tapas restaurant across the street from our hotel—incidentally, a former convent—where we enjoyed delicious small plates, wine and a live flamenco performance. A girl could get used to this. Olé!

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Style Stumper: Knee-high Chucks

Yesterday, one of my readers asked for my fashion advice. I’ll call her Ms. Librarian–because, well, she is one.

“I recently purchased these fabulous all black,  Converse high top boots that I have wanted for literally years. So how do I wear these without looking like a 12 year old? I need some hip punk rock librarian but classy girly fashion advice.”

Well, Ms. Librarian, you threw me for quite a loop. You’re right–one false move and it would be easy to look like an angsty middle-schooler with these bad boys. To that end, I would definitely recommend avoiding the following: Beetlejuice-style striped tights, flouncy miniskirts, graphic, cartoony tees, cropped hoodies, chains, neon colors, overly busy patterns and anything branded with that Twilight movie. This is what you’d call a statement shoe–it’s got balls-out attitude and will draw attention, for sure.

To that end, the only practical advice I can give you is to tone down the rest of your outfit–don’t overdo it with overly busy patterns, since they will compete with the attention-grabbiness of these shoes. I would do dark skinny jeans, a slouchy top in neutral colors (maybe with a simple stripe pattern or something),  a boyfriend blazer and a circle scarf–oh, and a satchel bag. You could also do a cute grandpa sweater  or a longer plaid shirt in lieu of the slouchy top and blazer for a weekend look. Another suggestion would be to replace the white laces with black for a more streamlined look.

Here’s something I slapped together on to give you an idea. Hope this helps! And if anyone out there has other suggestions, please feel free to help a sister out. Good luck, Ms. Librarian!

(Oh, and if anyone has a style conundrum, drop me a line and I’ll try to help!)


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