Fashionably Late

(via the Wall Street Journal)

Yes, yes, I know that, as a blogger interested in food and fashion, I’m a  bit late in the game when it comes to New York Fashion Week coverage, so I’m going to forgo the usual analysis (ex. “His collection was so FIERCE this season!”). Instead, I’ll just focus on my usual ramblings and observations as a Fashion Week virgin.

Today, I rolled into NYC on the uber-luxurious Megabus (only the best) and, after dropping off my stuff at my editor’s place, headed out to Chelsea to catch the Sophie Theallet show. And who should  I see five feet away from me but the back of Anna Wintour’s perfectly coiffed and bobbed head? (Also, Andre Leon Talley was in attendance, sporting a huge, Snuffleupagus fur coat).  An entire front row was dedicated to the Vogue team, which is generally a good sign that the designer who’s showing is in the big leagues.

The back of Anna Wintour’s (in)famous head

I first heard about Sophie about a year ago when we pulled her stuff for some magazine shoots, but if there ever were a rising star, she’d be it. Recently, Sophie won a Council of Fashion Designers of America/Vogue Fashion Fund award, and for good reason–her stuff is beautifully designed and made for the posh set, while being perfectly accessible (design wise) to the regular girl on the street. Hell, even I, the fashion wallflower, wanted most of the Red Riding Hood and enchanted princess-inspired looks that came down the runway.

At any rate, you can read more about her and the show here. It was an exciting show from start to finish, with hundreds of camera lights flashing, impeccably dressed, beautiful people buzzing, the presence of fashion’s biggest celebrity, and rail-thin models sporting gorgeous clothes. All in all, it was an affair to remember. What a way to break myself in to this circus called Fashion Week!

Tomorrow’s shows: Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Anna Sui. More updates shortly!

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