All hail McQueen!


Today is the first day of New York Fashion week, and the sudden death of British designer Alexander McQueen has undoubtedly cast a pal over the festivitiesl. According to the Guardian, he was found dead in his London home today, just before the start of London and Paris Fashion Weeks; updates are pouring in now that he has committed suicide.

He was one of the original bad boys of the fashion world, creating controversial collections and lavish, over-the-top runway shows that polarized audiences and fashion critics alike. I mean, when you send your models down the runway in tattered lace dresses and kilts splattered with blood for a collection entitled “Highland Rape,” you’re bound to raise a few eyebrows. You can read more about his meteoric rise to fame here.

I’ve always enjoyed his out-of-this-world fashion shows from afar. While most of his clothes seem unwearable to the average woman–his spring 2010 collection, for example, looked like it came off a spaceship, or Lady Gaga’s closet–you could almost always count on him to present a crazy cool show that leaves you thinking “WTF was that all about?” Even though some critics say his designs and aesthetic are inherently misogynistic (if you’ll notice in the W magazine profile linked above, he’s got a table with S&M women’s legs for, well, legs), his designs were impeccably tailored to fit and, at times, exaggerate the female form. One of my favorites is the dreamy, Victorian-on-acid spring 2007 collection–there are some looks here that even I would totally rock.

The fashion world just lost one of its modern day fashion royalty. Whether you’re a diehard fashion lover or an occasional observer, whether you love him or hate him, one thing’s for sure: The sartorial world just won’t be the same without Alexander McQueen.

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  1. Yeah I love his extreme fashion. So far Lady Gaga is the only one I’ve seen to really rock his runway styles in real life. Brave!

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