Jeggings and shooties and shants, oh my!

Normally, I’m all about coming up with clever names for things, but I wonder whether fashion writers are going too far these days with making up names for “hybrid” styles of clothing, throwing them at an unwitting public, and seeing what sticks. In the latest issue of Lucky magazine, for example, there’s a whole page dedicated to the “shootie,” which is something that falls between a bootie and a shoe. I’ve also heard people refer to them as “pooties” a cross between a pump and a bootie,  but my inner 10-year-old always snickers):


Shootie-ing up with Christian Louboutin (l.) and Prada (r.)

And then there are “jeggings,” or jean leggings–denim pants so skintight that only the skinniest girls can get away with them without the slightest hint of camel toe (although wearing a long tunic top or sweater would easily cover up any such problem areas in the crotchal region). These are often worn with the aforementioned shooties:

thumbnail_twiggy black cat

Slim pickins at James Jeans

I think the Brits might be the best at coming up with these things, what with such quaint phrases as “shants,” which are sheer, almost transparent pants (big on the spring 2010 runways,  believe it or not), and “coatigans,” or coats that look like cardigans and vice versa:

Sheer shant madness on Roberto Cavalli‘s spring 2010 runways; a cozy coatigan at Anthropologie

Even though some names seem more ridiculous than others, somehow I think we shouldn’t blame fashion writers for trying out something new. In fact, if it weren’t for some enterprising sartorial scribes, we wouldn’t have skorts and jorts, and then where would we be? We’d have a lot of women tennis players baring all on the court and Budweiser wouldn’t have come up with this awesome commercial:


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3 responses to “Jeggings and shooties and shants, oh my!

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  2. I love this “shootie”! Just what I am looking for this fall! I’m also a shopaholic, but seeking out a great pair for less than $100. If you have any suggestions on your favorite inexpensive shootie or bootie, send them my way! I need them to wear with…yes… my new jeggings:)

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