Attack of the Mod people

How could I have not known about Modcloth? Not only are the clothes cute, but they also focus on independent designers, vintage pieces and innovative wares at fairly decent prices. Also, kudos to the site’s copywriters for coming up with clever descriptions and funny style names, which rely on puns and pop-culture references to get the point across, such as “This Tee is Grrrreat” tiger head-print shirt, the “Zig-a-zig Ah” printed dress, and the “Night at the Crops-bury” sequined cropped tank top. (Admittedly, they can get carried away sometimes, but the site is so fun it’s easy to overlook those moments.) Modcloth is like Anthropologie’s snarky, potentially dorkier younger sister–in fact, the site styles its clothes in true fashion.

Here are just a few picks at the top of my wish list:

Picture 9

Checkpoint top and Amber Road coat

Picture 12 Timed Race watch necklace and Love is All Around wallet

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One response to “Attack of the Mod people

  1. Hi Chow Bella,
    I’m glad you found us and that you enjoy our descriptions. Our writers spend a lot of time one these, its nice to see they are appreciated! 🙂
    ❤ Aire

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