Gourmet magazine bites the dust


The rumors of Gourmet magazine’s death are, unfortunately, not exaggerated. You could hear the collective, mid-bite gasp of foodies around the country when they heard the news–I admit that even I gasped a bit. Well, it was more like a pathetic yelp, but you get the picture. With one million subscribers, a recognizable brand, gorgeous photography, engaging articles and delicious recipes, Gourmet appeared to be the exceptional success story in the magazine publishing business, so it was a shock. I was also dismayed to hear that Gourmet’s publisher, Conde Nast, is giving several of its titles, including Modern Bride and Elegant Bride, the old heave-ho to stay afloat.

As a passenger on this sinking ship called “print publishing,” this news really scares me. I mean, it’s  bad enough that now I have one less quality food magazine to rely on for showstopping Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, but now I’m really worried about the future of magazine publishing. If a 70-year-old institution can’t make it in this crazy world of ours, then what will?

Thank god Gourmet’s little sister publication, Bon Appetit, is still around. Here’s my homage to Gourmet magazine–last year’s Thanksgiving feast, which could not have succeeded without either magazine. On the bright side, at least I now have 70 years’ worth of old Gourmet Thanksgiving recipes to sift through from this point forward. Later this month, get thee to a newsstand and nab the November issue–it’s the last one you’ll ever get to buy!


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  1. Jess

    Steph! Your blog is dope. What a genius name too.

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