You really can die without a designer handbag


It may not look like much (Vera Bradley bags are not really my thing) but it apparently saved a woman in Baltimore after a shooting yesterday. Granted, it was the contents of the bag that deflected the bullet, since the bag is made of fabric, but could you imagine how much more protection she would have had if she were carrying one of these bad boys:


Of course, if she were carrying this $10,000+ Hermes crocodile Birkin bag, she wouldn’t be living in Baltimore and getting shot at by a crazy person. Still, this bag looks like it’d be the Kevlar vest of the purse world, no?

If you’re curious about why exactly Hermes charges so damn much for this bag, here’s a good explanation, from my Canadian brethren.

Me, I’ll probably stick with my loved-to-death Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and stuff it full of junk, as usual. Better to risk scoliosis than a slug in the torso, I always say.


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2 responses to “You really can die without a designer handbag

  1. Coleen

    With a Fossil I guess the bullet would lodge in a bone…

  2. A-dawg

    That black croc Hermes is my holy grail. One day, my sweet…. you will be mine.

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