Seeing double

I was frying up some over easy eggs the other day and was shocked to get a twofer:

Picture 5

I was dumbfounded. Was it the result of GMOs? Chemically altered chicken feed? In vitro fertilization gone wrong? A confused chicken? A wave of confusion and a touch of nausea overcame me. Of course, my boyfriend, Dr. J, was the first to claim it (“Two yolks in one egg? Hell yeah!”), which was fine by me. But then, after cracking the second egg:

Picture 9

What are the odds? Approximately 1 in 1,000, according to some sources. But two? Apparently, it’s not all that special–some egg farmers have sold cartons full of them. When it boils down to it, a double-yolked egg is often the result of a young pullet whose laying mechanism has been fully developed (explanation here, in case you were curious.). Or she could be genetically predisposed to lay double-yolked eggs. Sometimes eggs don’t contain yolks at all (called “fart eggs” in the egg-production world), and others have eggs within eggs! Like a crazy turducken, only not.

Of course, being the superstitious person that I am (hey, what can I say, I’m half Filipina) I looked up the folklore surrounding this breakfast oddity. From various sources, I’ve gathered that double-yolked eggs can mean one of three things: 1) an impending marriage (!), 2) a financial windfall (!!) or 3) a death in the family (!!!) I guess two good things out of three ain’t bad. A fart egg, though–that’s bad news. That means someone’s gonna die (dun dun dun).

And in case you were curious, two yolks truly are better than one, according to Dr. J. Yum!


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2 responses to “Seeing double

  1. Dr. J

    As far as I was concerned, it was double the fun!

  2. Eric

    Two is always better than one!

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