How NOT to get into the food business

Want to succeed in the fish business without really trying? Then don’t do what these two geniuses in Miami did:

1) Catch a 5-foot nurse shark, which is totally harmless and might I add totally unpalatable;
2) Transport it via subway as it gasps for air and bleeds all over the place;
2) Tie to to your bike and drag it all over town to various fish markets and restaurants to sell for $20, then later marking it down to $10; and
3) Dump said shark in the street, freaking people out because of its uncanny resemblance to a dead human body, which apparently is a common occurrence in that part of Miami.

I don’t know what’s sadder: the fate of the poor shark or the fact that the story was labeled “breaking news…”

Ah…only in Miami. All that was missing from the story was David Caruso and his CSI “shades of justice.”


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One response to “How NOT to get into the food business

  1. Dr. J

    If you’re going to get Horacio on the case, bring in Dexter too!

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