Obama’s mom jeans

When I first saw the headline “Fashionistas pan Obama’s mom jeans” on CNN.com this morning, my inner journalist said, “Man, it must be a slow news day” while my inner fashion editor said, “Oh no, she didn’t!”After all, the woman has pretty cutting-edge style–no way she’d even consider having those high-waisted, bubble-butt and camel-toe inducing, tapered-leg monstrosities in her closet.

Turns out the fashion offender was Barack, not Michelle. Apparently the object of ridicule was a pair of mom jean-esque pants that he wore during the ceremonial first pitch at the Major League Baseball All-Star game in St. Louis last night:

First of all, come on. Mom jeans? They look more like those awful Seinfeld jeans of the 90s. At least the man didn’t wear blinding white marshmallow sneakers along with them. Still, you be the judge. Are they or aren’t they mom jeans? Here’s an educational video to help you decide:

Still. Pretty bad. But, because I think he’s pretty hot stuff, I’ll forgive this sartorial misstep. As long as he doesn’t start wearing these:


…Obama’s still ok in my book.


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5 responses to “Obama’s mom jeans

  1. With all the bad things that are happening around the world, I would think you’d fine something more newsworthy to talk about? How about our soldiers giving their lives for our safety, or the children that are being abducted? I find that more in line of what’s going on in the world. I’m sorry guys, but real is real, and as long as Obama is doing his job, who cares? It was the same with Kennedy and Clinton, and I’m sure a number of many others. Find me something important to read about!!

    • sysoong

      Um, hello, this is a blog about FOOD and FASHION. No groundbreaking news analysis here. Thanks for reading, but seriously, if you want to find some in-depth news analysis, then go to someone else’s blog. There’s a lot of negativity in the news, the world in life. I don’t need it on my blog, thankyouverymuch.

  2. Eric

    Mom jeans are hot… oh yea! 😉

    @Judy: be nice lady gaga! If you’d like something dark and evil to read… let me know, I’ll send you Obama’s health care plan.

  3. A-dawg

    Bitch. Not you, Darling.

    Judy. You’re just miffed because your mom jeans are riding up your ass again.

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